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5 Ways for New Authors to Gain Exposure 

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Maybe your first novel is going to be published soon, or perhaps you’ve just found an agent. Either way, you’re eager to make your mark as an author, and you’re wondering how to gain positive exposure for your work. These tips will show you how to draw up a business plan, write ironclad contracts, and meet other authors in person! 

Develop a Business Plan 

You might not think of your writing endeavors as a business pursuit – but even artists need business plans! To create a business plan, start by writing down which types of books you plan to sell and what your publishing schedule might be like. You should also include details about which platforms you’re planning to use for selling your books. If you plan to register with a business structure, you can note this, too, as well as your project budgets, projected income, and any funding you might need.  

Draw Up Strong Contracts 

Many people in creative professions overlook the importance of strong contracts when they’re conducting business. But it’s all too easy for new authors to take a financial hit because someone takes advantage of them when they’re looking for early exposure. 

If you offer other writing services to clients in addition to writing novels, you can find basic contract templates online and tweak them to suit your business. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use a PDF editing tool that will allow you and your clients to fill out and sign contracts online without printing physical documents. Once you e-sign it, you can safely and securely send the files. 

Utilize Social Media 

Do you follow some of your favorite authors on social media? If you’re already on these platforms, it’s time to start sharing details about your own work, too! Putting yourself out there can be intimidating, but it’s crucial if you want to sell books. To use social media effectively, Gatekeeper Press recommends hosting Q&A live streams to chat with your readers, posting progress updates about your latest books, or sharing writing tips to help other new authors. 

Enter Contests 

Entering writing contests is a great way to bring more attention to your work. You might assume that it’s not worth entering contests if you’re inexperienced because your chances of winning seem slim – but if someone has to earn the prize, why shouldn’t it be you? If you want to enter a particular writing contest, make sure to go over all of the submission requirements in detail so that you don’t miss any requirements. 

Network In-Person 

Finally, it’s important to look beyond the internet in terms of gaining exposure. You’ll also want to connect with a writing community offline! While getting together with other writers in person can feel a little nerve-wracking at first, it’s also a lot of fun. To meet writers in your area and make friends with other authors, Novel Publicity recommends going to events in your city, like public readings, or signing up for a writer’s workshop that meets regularly.  

Just be sure to come armed with a stand-out business card to pass along to others. There’s nothing like having your own calling card with your branding message as you meet potential partners and clients. When you’re looking for an online business card creator, here’s a possible solution that offers professionally-designed templates you can choose to personalize with your contact information, graphics, colors and logo. Business cards remain a medium that has long-lasting appeal and a tangible way to stay in front of others. 

At these events, you can offer to exchange manuscripts with writers and give them feedback. This is a great way to learn more about the revision process and get inspiration for your future projects. 

It’s not easy to break into the publishing industry. If you have a novel in the works, you’ll need to focus heavily on self-promotion and getting eyes on your work. By developing a clear business plan, working with contracts, having a business card, and leveraging social media to your advantage, you can build a loyal audience. 

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Freelance Writing: Could This Be the Path You Have Dreamed Of?

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Whether you dream of working your way through school or a way to supplement your income post-graduation, freelance writing could be the path for you. According to research, freelance writers in certain niches made over $3,000 monthly, so the career can be lucrative. Here are ideas on how to get your freelance business going.

1. How to Find Training Courses

If you have never written for a paycheck or you want to take your writing game up to the next level, you may want to consider taking a training course. These can help you succeed as a professional writer and give you an understanding of what clients want. Freelance writing is a blanket term consisting of many types of content creation, so focusing on one type and developing your expertise with it can be beneficial. Training courses can help you understand one or more writing niches to enable you to increase your workload.

2. How to Find Freelance Opportunities

Self-employed writers are frequently on the hunt for new projects and clients. To land high-paying gigs, ensure that you have a strong portfolio. Show prospective customers that you are up to their challenge by providing proof. Keep some of your best work on hand to share readily with anyone who is thinking of hiring you. Further, providing testimonials of past happy customers shows that not only can you write but you can craft your words in accordance with the needs of your patrons.

In addition, there are numerous websites that help connect writers with companies or individuals that need their services. Try out several sites and see which is a good fit for you. 

3. How to Advertise Your Services

In today’s society, you will need to market yourself online in order to be successful. You can join social media groups for writers, connect with other freelancers and send cold emails to companies you think you could help with your expertise. Although connecting with others online is essential to a freelancer’s success, you can also attend local community events to make personal ties with others. 

4. How to Stay on Track with Deadlines

When juggling multiple clients and deadlines, it is easy to get off track quickly if you are not careful. Technology has made tracking your to-do list and income easier than ever. However, some writers prefer to stick with the tried and true paper calendar method. This can be easy for those who like a visual as you can place the calendar in plain sight where you can glance at it throughout the day.

5. How to Protect Your Interests and Get Paid

Many self-employed writing entrepreneurs choose to establish a formal business entity to protect their personal interests and minimize tax obligations for their earnings. You can choose from one of several types of legal entities. Forming a limited liability company provides several benefits such as tax advantages, less paperwork, flexibility, and reduced personal liability.

To ensure prompt payment, invoice clients immediately after completing a job and simplify billing terms. It’s also a good idea to give clients multiple payment options. You can create a branded invoice with an online invoice maker. Choose the template you favor and then edit it to include terms and your preferred font, background, and colors.

Becoming a freelance writer is entirely possible for those who set their minds to it. Whether you want to supplement your main income or find a way to work flexibly from home, you can make good money with a little research and a lot of effort.

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