The Grammarai Philosophy

“The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools.” —Thucydides

The philosophy behind Grammarai Warrior is that of the warrior-poet. In olden times men of renown were not only brute warriors or stuffy academics. They were men of balance. Their minds were as sharp as their swords, and they were as wise and dignified in court and at home as they were fierce and dangerous in battle. Samurai, knights, kings, emperors, and presidents alike strove not only for physical strength but also for moral fortitude, mental toughness, thorough education, spiritual awareness, and emotional stability. Noble men of old exercised strong character, took responsibility for themselves, and exhibited unwavering love, loyalty, and reverence for God, for their country, and for their fellow man.

In a modern world where wisdom, morality, respect, gravity, and traditional education have been abandoned and scoffed at, it is more important than ever that we seek to attain, practice, and promote the same balance in our own lives. Grammarai Warrior strives to encourage a thorough education and admirable virtues beginning with the study of grammar. Studying grammar is a good place to begin a well-rounded education, as grammar teaches, reason, logic, patience, analytical thinking, and communication skills. Much of the modern world is foolishly abandoning the proper study of grammar to its own great detriment, but we all need not be so foolish.

Right now this site is very much a work in progress, but there are plenty of ideas in the works for future improvements. I’m currently a full-time English teacher in South Korea, and I’ll be doing my best to add new content as regularly and efficiently as possible. Any donations, encouragements, prayers, and best wishes are greatly appreciated as I get this site off the ground and do everything I can to make Grammarai Warrior the best it can be.

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